We design our workshops to be accessible, interactive, and easy to lead with basic preparation. We can adapt our workshops to fit the needs of your venue or organization. We typically teach hour-long workshops before shows and events so that people can take the conversation and skills into the rest of their night.

  • PART 1: Let’s Treat Each Other Right 101 An introductory series ideal for folks new to the concepts of transformative justice and accountable communities. [Teach It!] [Quick Start Guide]
  • PART 2: Everybody Is A Support Liaison A workshop series on conflict de-escalation and personal accountability in our everyday lives as as artists. We cover communication techniques and de-escalation tactics. [Teach It!] [Quick Start Guide] [What To Do When Harm Occurs]
  • PART 3: Let’s Make a Plan A workshop for curators, organizers, and community leaders. In this workshop, we work towards developing policies and protocols for dealing with abuse in our venues, spaces, and communities. [Teach It!] [Lets Make a Plan Worksheet]

Workshops are designed to build off each other, but participants can take them in any order that works.

If you would like to lead a workshop, book a workshop for your space, or collaborate with us on reading groups, fill out this form.

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