Download, print, fold, and share freely! Many of these zines complement our workshops.

What To Do When Harm Occurs

  • A practical guide that offers tips and tactics for de-escalating conflict and holding people accountable. Pocket-sized!  Folding instructions.

F12 Quick Start Guide

  • A great place to jump into the work we do! Learn about transformative justice,  ending prisons, and taking care of each other in our arts communities. Directly connected to two of our workshop series: Let’s Treat Each Other Right 101 and Everybody Is A Support Liaison.

An Accountability Process Primer

  •  This zine explores what an “accountability process” can look like and provides some goals and tools. It includes some background readings on accountability, in order for the reader to gain further insight into different aspects of community accountability.

 Everybody Is A Support Liaison Handbook

  • SUPPORT LIAISONS​ (SLs) were a main feature of F12’s predecessor, the Feminist Action Support Network (read about F12’s history here). Now, we encourage and prepare everyone to be a “support liaison” and to be an active source of support within their community. This zine provides advice and information for conflict de-escalation and effective nonviolent communication.

More resources coming soon as we continue to build our content!

If you like to contribute to this work, contact us at access.f12@gmail.com


Featured image by PORTER MCLEOD.