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bell hooks

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Emotional Physical Sexual Economic Other
Prevented me from spending time with friends, family & community Pushed, slapped, hit, punched, kicked or choked me Unwanted & inappropriate sexual attention, communication, or looks Withheld or controlled access to money Threatened to have me arrested or deported
Humiliated me with insults, disdainful looks or public denigration Threatened to physically harm me Forced me to have sex when I didn’t consent, through coercion or violence (i.e. rape) Spent my money or took my money from me Threatened to out me for being a sex worker, being a drug user, being LGBT, selling drugs, being HIV+ etc.
Lied about other people to me or lied about me to other people to isolate me Threw objects, punched walls, or slammed doors in a threatening way Made me have sex in ways that I didn’t want through coercion or violence Prevented me from working, forced me to miss work, or got me fired Forced me to engage in acts I didn’t want to, like stealing or hurting someone
Threatened suicide or self-harm Hurt or threatened me with weapons Made me have unprotected sex through coercion, violence, or deceit (e.g. taking the condom off) Threatened to get me fired from my job Called the cops on me or had me arrested to make himself look like the victim
Said degrading and hurtful things to damage my self-esteem Prevented me from sleeping, drove recklessly, or left me in dangerous situations Unsuccessful attempt to sexually assault or rape me Forced me to work unfairly (e.g. take on multiple jobs to support both of us)
Used coercion & manipulation to control my thoughts and movements Had someone else physically hurt me Forced me to have sex with someone I didn’t want to have sex with, or watch him having sex with someone
Stalked me by showing up at my home, work, or social events Threatened or interfered with my health (e.g. took my medication or made me miss appointments) Took consensual S&M too far, ignored my safe word, or seriously hurt me during sex
Threatened to damage my reputation Threatened to hurt someone I care about
Stalked or harassed me through excessive calls, emails, or text messages Physically hurt someone I care about
Controlled who I could be friends with or who I could talk to

*Adapted from the Creative Interventions chart “Naming the Harms”

The person who perpetrated harm is being asked to take accountability in the following ways:


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