What is F12?


F12 came out of the Feminist Action Support Network, which started in 2015. FASN existed in the Chicago DIY arts community and surrounding radical underground. It employed diverse & universally free services to prevent sexual violence. These included employing sober “Support Liason” volunteers at shows around the scene and maintaining infrastructure for Accountability Processes in instances of harm. We assisted community members & institutions in carrying out the principles of transformative justice. The enormity of the work and the experimental nature of our innovative programming eventually led to burnout among FASN members.

Present & Future

No longer attempting to assume “responsive” role (which can unintentionally mirror police & the prison-industrial complex), the F12 Network prevents interpersonal conflict through a transformative justice lens by lifting up the standards of interaction in the culture of the arts world.

We  produce workshops, events, and opportunities that a vast network of like-minded individuals can pick up and disseminate easily. We look forward to a point where F12 in its current form no longer has to exist.

Spring 2017 begins with spreading free information through reading groups, pre-event skillshares, and an ever expanding array of educational and creative materials the DIY community can contribute to and guide to maximum fruition.