The #100VenuesChallenge: Let’s Make a Plan

We challenge all DIY venues and orgs to develop a Violence Prevention Plan and post it publicly. 

If we’ve learned one thing in this work so far, it’s the importance–necessity–of planning ahead for violence to occur. You will be able to respond more effectively and carefully if you are prepared. This is true for your orgs, venues, collectives, social networks, and individual relationships. It starts with a conversation: what will you do when harm occurs?

To guide you in those conversations, use the Lets Make a Plan Worksheet. Feel free to tailor the questions to your own context and add more.

For further help, check out the What To Do When Harm Occurs zine and the F12 Quick Start Guide.

Let’s Make a Plan:

If violence or assault happens in our space, we will:

If someone is accused of perpetrating abuse and comes to an event we host, we will:

If someone who works with us enacts violence or abuse against someone else, we will:

Additional plans, policies, and protocols for addressing abuse and assault in our space:

Other considerations:

How do I make space for conversations about violence at shows and events?

How do I center folks who have survived violence at shows?

How do I talk about oppression, assault, and violence on stage (or other platforms available to me)?

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