Why We Don’t Support Outside Mediation


DIY Townhall + Let’s Make A Plan workshop @ The Dojo, 11/12

For people in immediate danger, please visit The Sick Muse’s Survival Guide listing free resources all around the city.

Violence, particularly sexual violence, is something that occurs extremely often and in many areas of our lives. Unfortunately, most of us have not been taught to see it as something we have to deal with on our own so when harm happens we are left unprepared for the difficulties of helping someone we love heal and/or be held responsible for their actions. The mission of the F12 Network is to equip every person with the tools to de-escalate both short-term and long-term conflict.

We understand that at this present moment a traumatized person may not have the resources to put together an accountability process. We understand that there are repeat violent perpetrators in the world. We also understand that violent people themselves are being acted upon by violent processes; peace, love, & understanding are the best way for the power and influence afforded to them to be defused & redirected in a moment of crisis.

A community where members are prepared for violence’s causes and outcomes will be able to design the best ways for our own social circles to move forward healthily (See: How To Hold People Accountable In 3 Simple Steps). We do not think people should look for police or police-like forces to come in from outside and make decisions. F12’s own attempts to be that mediation force ended with a lot of disappointment and burnout. We won’t shame anyone for pursuing outside help in self-preservation, however, our current work focuses on you transforming the contexts where violence occurs and practices that can prevent it. We are building coalitions to transform justice. Please join us.

PERFORM/TRANSFORM 3: The World’s (Finally) Fair 
is a six month festival to build utopia in 2018. The launch party for the World’s Fair will be Saturday, January 13 at DFBRL8R gallery. P/T’s website is currently under construction to become an interactive hub for people building utopia from all over using the hashtag game #nomoneynoborders.

For F12 Network’s entry into the festival, we are partnering to support and link 100 venues in the Chicago arts/music scene! You can contact us to get on the #100venues mailing list for news and fill out this Let’s Make a Plan Worksheet in preparation. More will be announced at December’s DIY Townhall + Let’s Make A Plan workshop. [event]


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