“What To Do When Harm Occurs” Zine Now Available

We’ve been hearing from people that they would like a more concrete guide to conflict de-escalation and accountability. We offer “What To Do When Harm Occurs,” a pocket-sized zine that provides tips & tactics for two kinds of situations:

I. in-the-moment, aggressive conflicts or abuse: where the goal is de-escalation and immediate physical safety

II. long-term, interpersonal conflict or abuse: where the goal is accountability, healing, and transformation

Our tips focus on building nonviolent communication skills. In all cases, we encourage you to think of the people who can most effectively de-escalate a situation or hold someone accountable (ex. their friends, bandmates or roommates, or people with institutional power, like the admins of DIY venues). See our previous post about “pods” for more on that.

What To Do… brings together the skills we develop in two of our workshops: Everybody is a Support Liaison and Let’s Make a Plan. To book a workshop, fill out this form or send us an email!


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