Get Involved

Who are we and what sort of roles do we have available?

We are a group of activists, lovers, & creatives. Our core group of organizers is very small
but we thrive on collaboration & contributions!


1. ADD YOUR NAME to our mailing list and keep up on events and opportunities to share the network’s mission. Contact us today at!

2. Volunteer: Want to bring healthy, sustainable and locally-sourced justice to your scene? We have several work areas open to submission and contribution, including Education, Design, & Outreach. What makes you happy?

3. Become a Host: If you’ve been waiting to hold an F12-related event, now is the time. Together, we can strengthen our bonds in this revolutionary Do-It-Yourself community. We have thousands of people in our care and counting and we must show the rest of the world how to make this a reality.

4. Donate: We accept monetary contributions for printed materials and additional trainings in person and via our email listed above.

5. Share: Let people know about our programming! Link a friend to one of our resources, write an article, give someone a zine, share our Facebook events with your network.

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